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Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki Icontest
Week 63 Horror: Submission 
22nd-Oct-2007 12:52 pm
[TSUBASA] Sakura
Hey everyone! New mod #2 here, with the new theme for this week:


With Halloween coming up in a little more than a week, I decided on a very original theme for this round XD Quite simply, your icons this week must have something to do with horror. This theme is open to interpretation, so feel free to convey it with words, colours, images, whatever ^^

The standard requirements are as follows:

01; Your icon(s) must fit LJ standards: 100x100 pixels or less, 40kb or less.
02; No posting your icon(s) until after the theme is over.
03; Icons should be freshly made, and not participating in any other icontest/awards communities.

Members are allowed to submit TWO icons if you should choose to do so.

Submit like so:

URL: http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/7453/image12oe.png
Movie: Howl's Moving Castle

Icons should be submitted to this screened post by FRIDAY, October, 26 at 10PM EST. If I am late with posting the voting, then late entries will be accepted.
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